Finding your perfect combination of intellectual property professionals begins here.

From an experienced IP lawyer to a specialised patent attorney or IP solicitor.

When we build your bespoke IP portfolio management solution we carefully design the optimum team of intellectual property attorneys. Plus skilled support professionals – paralegals, business specialists, and experts on entrepreneurship and marketing. Behind each AIPEX intellectual property lawyer, there’s a whole team of complementary personnel, each an expert in their field.

You benefit from all the capability of our 500-person strong IP team. It comes with over 10,000 years’ combined intellectual property experience and deep understanding of over 90 market sectors. And successful management of over 100,000 IP registrations. We’re sure you agree, that’s quite a track record and it’s all for your benefit.

And did we mention that from our top IP attorney to the trainees coming up through the ranks, they’re some of the nicest, friendliest, most helpful IP professionals working across Europe? Just make sure they’re working for you, your company and your IP…


Frank Reijnen


The driving force at the head of AIPEX’s avowed mission to bring a new kind of single point-of-entry, multi-jurisdictional, IP portfolio management partner to fast-evolving, increasingly complex pan-European IP landscapes…

Business Development Manager

Marc den Hoed


Our highly experienced Business Development Manager responsible for lead generation and first contact for new clients. Marc has been working in the field of Business Development for many years and a lot of experience in the IP market. 

Manager IP Portfolio

Patricia Rutten


One of the highly skilled AIPEX support professionals delivering bespoke IP portfolio management services for clients operating across Europe’s borders…

IP Portfolio Paralegal

Rachel Townley


Another key AIPEX support paralegal, delivering our tailored one-point-of-contact, IP management for multinationals operating in the fast-changing European business world …

Executive secretary

Janneke Grooten


Our highly-experienced administration, communications and IP portfolio management project co-ordinator operating at the heart of AIPEX’s pan-European operations…

Administrative Assistant

Fernanda Candido