Unitary Patent (UP) & UNiFIED Patent Court (UPC)


The Unitary Patent (UP) & the Unified Patent Court (UPC) are the building blocks which will supplement and strengthen the existing centralised European patent granting system.

They offer users of the patent system a cost-effective option for patent protection and dispute settlement across Europe. But many patent holders still have questions about the new changes.



Working with AIPEX connects you directly to over 500 IP attorneys across Europe harnessing over 10,000 years of combined IP industry experience. With the help of AIPEX, our team of UP experts can help you successfully navigate the unique processes of the new UP & UPC. To meet the needs of local and foreign clients, AIPEX offers a unique and cost-efficient single point of contact to streamline multinational projects effectively.

How can aIPEX HELP?

By speaking with our European patent experts, we can help you understand the factors at play when deciding whether to opt-in or opt-out your existing European patent portfolio to/from the jurisdiction of the UPC, and also whether the UP may be a useful option for your portfolio.

AIPEX offers cost-effective consultations from technical experts who understand your industry and geographical strategy.




Request for Unitary Effect

Should you wish to obtain a UP, AIPEX can help you file your request with the EPO - we can offer a simple fixed fee at a cost-effective rate.


Download our UPC Services flyer available in 3 different languages

- Chinese 

- Japanese

- English


Opt out support

AIPEX can help support your opt-out decision and file your opt-out request/s at the UPC for a cost-effective fixed fee.


Ongoing European Portfolio Support


AIPEX has offices in UP countries including Germany, France and The Netherlands, as well as in non-UP countries including the UK, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland and Norway, and so is ideally placed to support your European patent portfolio management requirements.

. With more than 500 IP experts at your disposal, including 26 of the 2022 IAM Patent 1000, coupled with our geographic reach, AIPEX offers unparalleled service with the UP and the classical national validation options.


Representation before the UniFIED Patent Court


AIPEX has a number of experienced attorneys located throughout Europe who are qualified to represent clients at the UPC. With AIPEX, you can be certain our team of experts will be available to support you at the national and European level.

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