Expert UPC Patent Litigation Services

In today's innovation-centric world, safeguarding your intellectual property through effective litigation is paramount.  The Unified Patent Court (UPC) simplifies and centralizes patent disputes across Europe, but navigating this new system requires expert guidance.

Why Choose AIPEX in your UPC Litigation case?

Unmatched Expertise: AIPEX connects you with over 500 IP attorneys and experts who collectively bring more than 10,000 years of industry experience. Our team features internationally recognized specialists, ensuring you receive exceptional legal representation and strategic advice tailored to your specific needs.

Strategic Litigation Approach:We craft bespoke litigation strategies that align with your business objectives. Our approach is designed to maximize your patent protection, enhance your competitive advantage and achieve favorable outcomes in UPC disputes.

Pan-European Representation: With offices in key jurisdictions around Europe such as Germany, France, the Netherlands, the UK, Spain, Hungary, Switzerland, and Norway, AIPEX combines local expertise with a broad European presence. This unique positioning allows us to provide seamless and effective support, no matter where your patent issues arise.


How AIPEX Can Assist You

AIPEX B.V. offers unparalleled support and representation for UPC patent litigation, ensuring your patents are robustly defended and your business interests are secured.

Pre-Litigation Advisory: Before litigation becomes necessary, AIPEX offers comprehensive risk assessments and strategic advice to help you understand your position and options.

Litigation Representation: Our attorneys are fully qualified to advocate for clients in general litigation, including representation before the UPC. The UPC just opened its doors on June 1st, 2023, and several of our firms are involved in litigation before the UPC. By staying updated on the latest legal developments, we ensure your case benefits from advanced legal insights and practices, providing you with comprehensive support in both national courts and the Unified Patent Court.

Infringement and Validity Actions: Whether you need to enforce your patents against infringers or defend against invalidity claims, AIPEX provides robust representation. Our technical expertise spans various industries, ensuring we can effectively handle the most complex patent issues.

Cross-Border Litigation Management: Patent disputes often extend beyond a single jurisdiction. AIPEX coordinates cross-border litigation efforts, ensuring cohesive and strategic management of your cases across different countries. Our pan-European team works seamlessly to protect your interests in multiple jurisdictions.



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We are committed to safeguarding your intellectual property with precision and dedication, our extensive experience and innovative approach, position us as leaders in UPC patent litigation.

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