Intellectual Property Litigation

Wherever possible, we’ll avoid the cost of IP litigation.

There are often alternatives, ranging from early warnings to creating new licensees out of infringers. Sometimes, however, trademark, design right or patent infringement can only be dealt with by intellectual property litigation.

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From trademark disputes to complex patent lawsuits, we protect your IP.

Over 500 AIPEX IP attorneys and other professionals pride themselves on being the most helpful, knowledgeable and friendly in pan-European IP. When litigation is needed, you’ll be glad our assertive intellectual property lawyers and their teams are on your side. They’re powerful allies during a patent lawsuit – or other IP litigation – in the judicial systems of the EU and member states.

When that time comes, a partner it’s essential to have a partner. Someone to guide you through the most cost-effective IP litigation. And to protect your IP and business reputation. That’s what we do.


Giving advice and undertaking IP litigation

With so many pan-Europeans patent litigators in our team, and over 10,000 years’ combined experience, we’re well positioned to advise and take action at any stage in an IP case:

  • General advice
  • Litigation strategy formulation
  • Research into prior art
  • Product analysis
  • Discovery
  • Infringement and invalidity contentions
  • Witness liaison
  • Expert reports
  • Pre-trial and trial

We operate in areas as diverse as traditional patent infringement or the most arcane litigation connected with today’s evolving IP. Whatever your IP requirement, we advise on (and help establish) robust IP to discourage infringement and protect your IP rights.

You only have to read influential industry reports such as the World Intellectual Property Organisation’s Results of the WIPO Arbitration and Mediation Center International Survey on Dispute Resolution in Technology Transactions (2013) to be reminded of the ‘wasted management time of business executives and other participants in proceedings, lost productivity, and lost business opportunities due to the reserves required to cover the worst potential outcome of a pending dispute.’

Fortunately, our IP management professionals can help you mitigate these costs.

Taking care of your IP litigation

Our bespoke IP portfolio management service means tailor-made IP solutions for you. These could range from the basic advice of an IP attorney to the work of a top patent litigation attorney in the EU Court of Justice or European Parliament.

Whatever we do for you, you know you can get on with other important business tasks while we take care of the intellectual property litigation.

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Brandon Clark

I’ve been very pleased with AIPEX ; the AIPEX team has been able to get some traction on a few cases that I’ve had languishing in the EP. Legal expertise has been very good, technical expertise is good and improving. I’ve been having them prepare more and more substantive responses and fewer ‘receiving agent’ responses where I have US counsel just tell them how to respond. I feel like I’m getting better results having AIPEX handle the case

Brandon Clark Multinational Client - Oil industry

Brandon Clark

Excellent – timely responses and answer the questions. They are my favorite firm to work with!

IP Portfolio Manager client

Guangjie Li,

The single point of entry to broad expertise and capacity in all relevant European jurisdictions made us choose AIPEX as an IP-partner in Europe. The solution AIPEX provides is efficient and cost saving managing European Portfolio’s for our clients.

Guangjie Li (European representative) BEYOND Attorneys At Law

We focus on tailor-made

intellectual property portfolio management solutions for your business

Unlike most general IP law practices, AIPEX specialises in pan-European IP portfolio management solutions. We’re not just another general IP law practice. As an analogy, consider us ‘property managers’ not ‘housebuilders



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  • Oil Gas industry

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    Major Multinational Client

    What clinched the deal was AIPEX’s ‘hub and spoke’ model – a multi-jurisdictional presence in Europe with a single point of contact. This makes it easy and simple for us to instruct and transact with AIPEX

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  • Pan-European IP


    Pan-European IP

    AIPEX: where one friendly, convenient point of contact is your portal to 11 European country offices and all the pan-European IP support you need. It couldn’t be easier to make the most of your current and future IP in Europe’s fast changing business and intellectual property landscape…AIPEX: where one friendly, convenient point of contact is your portal to 11 European country offices and all the pan-European IP support you need. It couldn’t be easier to make the most of your current and future IP in Europe’s fast changing business and intellectual property landscape…

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    IP solutions for your industry

    AIPEX: our experience in over 90 market sectors means we know exactly what we’re doing when we manage your pan-European IP portfolio. Our 500 skilled IP professionals and support staff focus on what they do best for you – while you focus on developing your successful business…

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    Not just another strategic alliance

    AIPEX: since 2010, we’ve built a leading position in pan-European IP management. We’re a properly constituted pan IP management solutions company – not just an informal strategic alliance. The benefit? Our people, management skills and genuine multijurisdictional IP expertise is perfectly set up for post-Brexit Europe…

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    One partner; bespoke IP management

    AIPEX: imagine one friendly, helpful, supremely experienced pan-European IP management solutions partner at your disposal. Ambitious start up or established multinational corporation operating across Europe? Either way, our bespoke IP portfolio management solutions are tailored to your requirements – today and into the future…

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