New challenges require new strategies, that’s where AIPEX can help

AIPEX is one of the most highly and universally respected practices in Europe. Our pan-European presence, single point of entry service and legal expertise enable us to help clients in national courts as well as navigate the new Unified Patent Court (UPC) as the new court develops its procedures and case law.


Our intellectual property (IP) litigation practice is a sophisticated, European enterprise with experience in all aspects of IP litigation. Whether this may involve national patent infringement law suits, European Patent Office (EPO) oppositions, or UPC patent infringement or revocation actions, AIPEX is determined to assist you in protecting your IP.


Our team is fully prepared for litigation at the new UPC and pride themselves on being the most experienced & knowledgeable professionals in the industry. With over 250 IP attorneys in 12 different countries, operating from over 40 offices, AIPEX has the knowledge, experience and language skills to support clients in patent litigation at the UPC in any field of technology.

More than 30 patent litigators to represent your interests before the UPC.

With the introduction of the UPC and the new Unitary Patent (UP), the European patent litigation system is undergoing a set of fundamental reforms. With the help of over 30 European patent attorneys & attorneys at law who are qualified to act as representatives before the UPC, you can rest assured that your IP is in good hands when it comes to enforcing and defending your rights. 


Wherever possible, we’ll do our utmost to avoid the cost of IP litigation.

There are many alternatives to litigation, ranging from early warnings to creating new licensees from potential infringers, however, trademark, design right or patent infringement cases can only be dealt with properly with the help of IP attorneys who understand your line of business. When litigation is needed, you will be glad our experienced intellectual property lawyers and their teams are on your side. When the time comes, it is essential to have a partner that can guide you through the most cost-effective IP litigation process while protecting your IP and business reputation.



Giving advice and undertaking IP litigation

With so many European patent litigators in our team, we are well positioned to advise and take action at any stage in an IP case:


• General advice

• Litigation strategy formulation

• Research into prior art

• Product analysis

• Discovery

• Infringement and invalidity contentions

• Witness liaison

• Expert reports

• Pre-trial and trial



We operate in areas as diverse as traditional patent infringement or the most arcane litigation connected with today’s evolving IP. Whatever your IP requirement, we advise on (and help establish) robust IP to discourage infringement and protect your IP rights.



Past Litigation Cases by AIPEX firms


AIPEX UPC useful link:


Agreement on a Unified Patent Court Agreement (UPCA)

EU Regulation 1257/2012 on Unitary Patent Protection (UP)

Rules of Procedure of the Unified Patent Court (RoP)

Table of Court Fees

Scale of ceilings for recoverable costs

Guidelines for the determination of the court fees and the ceiling of recoverable costs

Rules on the European Patent Litigation Certificate and other appropriate qualifications

EU Regulation 1215/2012 on jurisdiction and the recognition and enforcement of judgments in civil and commercial matters (Brussel I.)

EU Regulation 542/2014 amending 1215/2012 Brussel I. Regulation

EU Regulation 1260/2012 on translation arrangements

EPO Rules relating to Unitary Patent Protection (OJ EPO 2022, A41),

EPO Rules relating to Fees for Unitary Patent Protection (OJ EPO 2022, A42)

Cost of a Unitary Patent


Litigation team SELECTION

Attorney at Law, Partner


European and Italian Patent Attorney

Alberto Ferrero

European and UK Patent Attorney

Andy Caulfield

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Cristina Freyria Fava

Patent attorney

Damian Krężel

European, UK Patent Attorney and Director

Elliott Davies

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Franco Gallarotti

European Patent Attorney, Partner

George Seezink

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Giancarlo Notaro

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Gianluca Notaro

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Giorgio Crovini

French & European Patent attorney


European and UK Patent Attorney

Ian Lambert

Patent attorney

Jakub Sielewiesiuk

Patent attorney

Jan Dobrzański

Patent Attorney, European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Jochen Sties

Attorney at Law, Managing partner, President of the Board


Czech and European Patent Attorney, Czech and European Trademark and Design Attorney, Partner

Katerina Hartvichová

European Patent Attorney, Junior Partner

Kees van Balen

French & European Patent attorney

Lilian Henck

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Luciano Bosotti

European Patent Attorney

Matthieu OBJOIS

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Mauro Marchitelli

French & European Patent attorney

Nicolas Delorme

Patent attorney

Oskar Gińko

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Paolo De Bonis

Attorney at Law, Partner


French & European Patent attorney

Philippe Verriest

European Patent Attorney, Partner

René Raggers

European and UK Patent Attorney

Richard Weaver

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Roberta Cesa

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Stefano Frontoni

French & European Patent attorney

Stéphane Agasse

European And Dutch Patent Attorney

Steven van Dijk

European and Italian Patent Attorney

Tassilo Meindl

European Patent Attorney, Partner

Teun van Berkel

Patent Attorney, European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Thomas Kitzhofer

Patent Attorney, European Patent and Trademark Attorney

Tim Hülsheger

Senior Patent Attorney

Tom Lambert

Patent attorney, Managing partner, Member of the Board