Meet Steven van Dijk, European Patent attorney at Håmsø Patentbyrå in Norway. Employed since 2013. Partner since 2019. Dual qualified and registered European Patent Attorney and Dutch Patent Attorney.

Steven has a long and broad experience in IP. After being a Research Scientist for more than 6 years, he switched to the Intellectual Property field by joining Philips’ in-house IP department, IP&S in 2003. Steven made several switches between private practice and industry. After IP&S he joined NXP-IP, DeltaPatents, Mapper Lithography and finally he joined Håmsø.

Steven is skilled and knowledgeable in a wide range of IP aspects, including IP creation (drafting and prosecution), IP litigation and opposition, freedom-to-operate, IP landscaping and IP exploitation (Identification projects, Assertion projects and Licensing projects).

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