Acquisition of Patent Portfolio’s – Mergers and acquisitions

A merger is the combination of two companies, that form a new company using one corporate name. In an acquisition (takeover) one company acquires the shares of the target company. 

Whatever the motives of such a consolidation are, implications for the IP Portfolio’s need consideration. Are the portfolio’s complimentary to each other? Is overlap in protection present, making substantial cost-savings attainable, by abandoning superfluous IP rights? Integration of IP rights should result in stronger protection of commercial interests. A new IP portfolio strategy may include moving all IP to an existing or new IP holding company, to optimize the benefits of a consolidated IP ownership. 

Whatever the strategy, substantive IP Portfolio’s require a thorough investigation into the titles, ownership, validity, strength and commercial relevance before a new strategy can be executed. We are happy to assist in reviewing IP to increase the commercial value of the consolidation and optimize cost. 

Best regards, 

Patricia Rutten
Manager IP Portfolio AIPEX