Acquisition of Patent Portfolios and Due Diligence

A transaction like the purchase of a patent portfolio tends to take place in turmoil. Strategy and finance issues need addressing. Negotiations at top-level executives teams, opportunities and time constraints take their toll. When the deal is done, the lawyers come in. Somewhere a Due Diligence needs to safeguard that this portfolio is what is claimed. You want to check what you are paying for and that you can realize your goals for this acquisition. Your inhouse team may have the expertise, but does it have the time? 

We may help with a speedy, but thorough investigation preparing a status overview, ensure that all deadlines in pending and granted cases are met and new deadlines are set. We outline the pending issues that need resolving before finalizing the deal. Make sure new applications you pay for, do not lapse before transfer! It is important to assess the value of the content of the portfolio as business opportunities of the technology, but at the same time a report on administrative proceeding status may give you peace of mind when you do the deal. 

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Patricia Rutten
Manager IP Portfolio AIPEX