For many of us Covid was less present in summer than in the pandemic wave of the spring, but in Europe we are now worried about the second wave. What shall be the effects for our corporate clients is unclear, but we see changes already taking place. 

Clients are rerouting their filing strategy clearly to less European patent filings and choose more for a limited number of national filings in European countries. Limiting protection to their key locations in the European market significantly reducing filing and prosecution expenditure. 
We also notice a larger percentage of pending applications that are not continued but left to lapse, thus concentrating expense on patents with high priority. 

We expect that given this development, corporate clients that revisit their filing strategy may also consider if PCT is the most cost-effective route, in the present situation, if they decide to prioritize on limited numbers of patents in only the most important countries in Europe. 

As cuts in budgets also affect in-house capacity, support in reviewing corporate portfolio’s may be required. AIPEX is happy to provide such help, reducing the cost and management burden of your corporate IP Portfolio. Our presence in the European countries and centralized processing can help you to reduce your expense now.