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IP services for pharmaceuticals and life sciences really matter.

In the pharmaceutical industry, developing new medicines and commercialising them is notoriously long drawn-out and can cost billions.

Even then, the work and investment doesn’t end because protecting pharmaceutical IP remains costly.

The battle to avoid copycat products, counterfeiting and generic derivatives never ends. You face the challenge of keeping on top of your IP, managing your patents and trademarks and developing constantly evolving IP strategies.


IP management for life scienceS companies

Meanwhile, business goes on, with pressure from stakeholders to develop the next big thing, keep revenues flowing and grow the business. Trademarks and patents’ are vital for life sciences and pharmaceuticals. No wonder enlightened businesses regularly entrust us with their IP portfolio management.


  • To simplify IP management for pharmaceuticals companies like yours. This includes managing legacy IP and future IP assets to maximising their value.
  • Familiarity with the special challenges, costs and long-term commitments of IP portfolio management for pharmaceuticals and life sciences.
  • To deliver the peace of mind of one-stop portfolio management with a genuine pan-European perspective.
  • So you benefit from over 10,000 years’ combined IP experience. We gained this in over 90 sectors, including IP services for biotechnology, life sciences and pharmaceuticals. And our experience also includes over 100,000 successful IP registrations.


The effective patent life for medicines can be as low as 11 or 12 years. It pays to get help from our IP law specialists in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and life sciences.

IP law specialists in pharmaceuticals and more…

We help with all aspects of IP portfolio management. Yes, everything: from traditional patent work, to trade secrets and leading-edge developments such as wearable devices and 3-D printing for medical applications.
Meanwhile, you get on with building your successful pharmaceuticals, biotech or life science business.

Meanwhile, you get on with building your successful pharmaceuticals, biotech or life science business.

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