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Man has always sold things. What was once done by word of mouth or on parchment now takes place amid the complexity of our digital world.

Branding and advertising success, whether achieved for you or your clients, depends on mastering this challenge. If IP protection for branding or IP management for advertising is on your agenda, AIPEX can help.


You appreciate the unprecedented opportunities that conventional and digital media offer to engage with customers. As the IP opportunities, risks and pitfalls increase – you navigate a challenging course while using IP assets for advertising and branding. Meanwhile, the ever changing scope of copyright, patents and utility models increases the potential consequences if things go awry. Who said IP management for brands was easy? Relax! We make it simple and worry free.

IP services for brands

To help maximise advertising and branding effectiveness in this IP landscape demands a uniquely capable pan-European portfolio management partner. As experienced pan-European specialists in branding and advertising IP law, we can help with the following and more:

  • To simplify tactical and strategic management of your IP, maximise the value of your brand intellectual property and protect
  • To give the peace of mind of convenient one-stop portfolio management from a genuine pan-European business.
  • You benefit from over 10,000 years’ combined IP experience in over 90 sectors with over 100,000 successful IP registrations.

To enable you to focus on branding and promoting your business while we protect your IP interests.

IP advice for brands like yours

Brand IP protection matters like never before. Twenty-first century branding and advertising is about change, instant connection, globalisation and successfully commercialising data. And all while protecting brand-critical IP and mitigating constantly evolving IP risks.

Your priority is to maximise return on branding and advertising. Part of this involves getting and applying the best possible IP advice for advertising and branding under your control. We can help, as well as ensuring that your IP portfolio is effectively managed. How? With our proven, bespoke, pan-European IP portfolio services.

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